grue - an infocom playing bot for irc


grue is an Infocom/Z Machine game playing irc bot. It uses 'frotz' to actually play the games, but grue allows you to have a group of people (or you can go solo) get together and play a game together on irc. The goal of grue is to work perfectly with every Infocom game that exists (text only).

Setting it up

To use this software, you are going to need 4 things

  • A computer running Linux, with PERL, POE, and POE::Component::IRC
  • latest version of grue
  • flushing version of dumb-frotz
  • infocom style z-machine games, or alternately supply your own. Note, these games have fallen into the category of abandonware. If anybody disagrees with this or wants further proof, I can supply links that show it beyond any doubt.

    Simply untar these things and edit to configure!


    grue running in bx/crack with ratpoison
    grue running in xchat

    Feel free to send in any interesting or unusual screenshots of your own


    After a game is running, all commands are prefaced by , (this can be altered). Therefore ',look' will issue 'look' to the game. All commands to the bot are prefaced by ,, (by default). These commands are as follows...

  • ,,open [datafile] - opens the specified game for playing
  • ,,close - closes current game
  • ,,games - lists all available games
  • ,,saves - lists all available saved games for game currently being played
  • ,,quit - shuts down irc bot (this is shut off by default)
  • ,,color [textcolor] - changes the text color of the bot, issue with no argument for a lis
  • ,,about - gives general information and links to this website and others


    Currently there are no FAQ's, but feel free to contact me at: rcl 'REMOVETHIS'@ with any problems or suggestions. Another way of contacting me is via irc on ETG or freenode where I idle as 'rcl'. Logo